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Well-designed places affect people and their everyday activities in subtle and significant ways. We are committed to assisting our clients in realizing exceptional results with design creativity, ingenuity, and efficiency. Together with our clients and consultants, we aspire to create buildings and places that enhance the experience of their occupants, promote social interaction, and achieve high architectural goals, yet that will be cost effective, energy efficient, and sustainable.

To achieve the highest possible value for our clients, we address the design of the environment from the large to the small. Design products may include the site, landscapes, buildings, interiors and furniture and other artifacts. We also work closely with our clients to control the process of design to ensure the quality of the completed project.

To each assignment, therefore, we bring leadership and an integrated approach. We require collaboration from all of the stakeholders and participants in the process to secure dependable commitments and clearly identify design outcomes; and expect coordinated leadership from the client, design and construction teams in order to control costs and minimize the time of delivery.

We call this approach lean design. It draws forward in time as many issues as possible to insure integrated and efficient design efforts; it incorporates a process of continuous learning based on cycles of action and reflection; it delays decisions until the last responsible moment in order to take full advantage of what is learned during the design process; and it shapes design around the potentials and capabilities of the sub-trades to maximize constructability and cost efficiency.

We pride ourselves on active engagement with our clients and believe that our approach maximizes the benefits to our clients and to the planet.