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Workplace Strategy and Implementation:

Increasingly work and learning is distributed over multiple locations, regionally, nationally and globally. This places added pressure on facilities, technology, communication and efficient management of resources. Strategic workplace approaches and the design and implementation of workplace design prototypes are increasingly required in order to support innovative, effective and productive work practices and communications.  These workplaces and learning environments engage their users in complex interactions of spaces, organization, and technologies that support and facilitate the successful exchange of ideas and the creation of knowledge.

Anderson Porter Design brings leadership and expertise in workplace strategy and implementation to the multidisciplinary team and stakeholders needed to create effective workplaces and learning spaces; sustaining and extending the core mission of the organization. High performance workplaces improve user comfort, satisfaction and productivity; increase space efficiencies and utilization rates; reduce operating costs; and contribute to the financial bottom line.  Well-organized, attractive and compelling workspaces communicate the client’s identity, help attract and retain talent, and further the effectiveness and competitiveness of the organization.

Products and Services:

  • Occupancy Evaluation: Assessment of existing facilities, workplaces and work practices.
  • Workplace Research: Preparation of case studies of exemplary workplaces.
  • Workplace Strategy: Define planning criteria and methods for single workplace locations or across a portfolio of workplaces.
  • Workplace Design Criteria: Establish standards for innovative workplaces.
  • Workplace Prototype Design: Creation and testing of prototypical workplaces.
  • Workplace Design: Design, services, coordination.
  • Implementation Phase Services: Design management and coordination during the construction phase of the project.


  • Idea Café – Abu Dhabi Media Zone
  • Allsteel Office – Workplace Research
  • MIT Aero Astro – Process Evaluation
  • MIT Stata Center CSAIL – Occupancy Evaluation
  • Isaacson Miller – Workplace Strategy
  • Harvard Project for Schooling and Children – Workplace Implementation


  • CoreNet Global
  • Lean Construction Institute
  • American Institute of Architects